GTWN Call to Action to ensure Digital Inclusion for All

GTWN has launched a Call to Action to all stakeholders to work to close the digital gap and ensure meaningful digital connectivity for all, especially women. After years of progress towards women’s equal digital inclusion, we are now seeing a slowdown and, in some countries, a reversal.  Women are now 16% less likely than men to use mobile Internet across low and middle income countries, which equates to 264 million fewer women than men using mobile Internet. Significant and coordinated efforts are urgently needed to reduce the gender gap and ensure that women can participate fully in a more digitised society. Download a copy


GTWN congratulates Doreen Bogdan-Martin on her election as ITU Secretary General.

Election heralds a new era for Universal Meaningful Connectivity. Cologne, 03 October 2022:  The GTWN, the Global Women's Telecommunications Network, congratulates Doreen Bogdan-Martin on her  election as Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). GTWN is the world's premier network of women C-Level executives bringing about "The Changing Culture of Communications...from Generation to Generation." Four years ago, the GTWN was one of the primary supporters and promoters of Ms. Bogdan-Martin's candidacy for Director of ITU's Telecommunication Development Bureau.  As chief architect of ITU's development work, Bogdan-Martin then proceeded to champion programs for digital transformation to achieve economic prosperity, job creation, skills development, gender equality, and socio-economic inclusion, as well as to build circular economies, and reduce climate impact. Thirty years ago, the GTWN started a new era in our sector when we championed "The Changing Culture of Communications" and then added 15 years later, "..from Generation to Generation" for our slogan. "Bogdan-Martin's stated goal for 'Universal Meaningful Connectivity' as she begins her new role as the first-ever female ITU Secretary General resonates powerfully with the values and purpose of the GTWN", remarked Keri Gilder, GTWN Global President.  "The GTWN looks forward to working together with her and her colleagues to achieve this goal", concluded Gilder. Contact: Keri Gilder, GTWN Global President Vicki Macleod GTWN Secretary General Marge Salem GTWN Business Manager


The GTWN explores Networks for the Universe at Mobile 360 in Singapore

  GTWN Founding President Candace Johnson and Secretary-General Vicki MacLeod are joining with partners from GSMA at Mobile 360 APAC Diversity in Tech on 2 August 2022 to deliver a discussion panel on Networks for the Universe. We will explore how women leaders in the industry are working together across connectivity and content to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and growth across all networks – fixed, mobile, space, services, cloud, finance, etc – to deliver on the promise of full digital transformation. The panel of experts includes Susan Brazer, CEO & Founder, LionShare Media; Lynette Tan, CEO, Singapore Space and Technology Ltd; Dr Anna Yip, CEO Consumer, Singtel; Jaya Deshmukh, EVP Strategy and Transformation, Colt; Sheena Jacob, Partner and Head of IP at CMS Holborn Asia; Shweta Jain, APAC Head of Business Development, Media and Entertainment at AWS; and GTWN Board Member Rosalia Gitau, CEO and Co-Founder of My Bixie.  The discussion will be followed by a reception and networking event sponsored by Kacific Broadband Satellites. A summary of the outcomes of this panel discussion, and additional  material will be available soon.

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