M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T

The purpose of the GTWN is to provide a forum for executive women active in telecommunications to get together and “network”; to provide a role model to younger women managers active in telecommunications; and to evolve the global information society in a positive way.

Digital Metamorphosis

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The GTWN see this as reflecting the profound changes that are happening in the digital tech sector in all of its guises – in networking, mobile, media, space and the internet. Digital transformation is an essential pre-requisite of this fundamental change in the economy and society, but it is not sufficient to ensure that all the potential benefits of these technologies can be achieved. A cultural transformation is also needed to ensure that all peoples of the world can participate meaningfully in the digital world.

Digital metamorphosis can take many forms. This edition explores a number of these: from ESG based investments in new networks and services; to developing an open, safe and creative metaverse; to the future of digital media platforms and services; reforming space law to keep pace with the reality of new space industries; transforming the mobile tower industry with VR, and importantly how artificial intelligence will drive many of the profound changes we expect to see over the coming years.

F E A T U R E D  E V E N T

GTWN/CMS The Mobile Century Webinar Series

“The Digital Generation: How AI is shaping our world and exploring the benefits of digital technology” with Francesca Rossi, IBM Fellow and IBM Global AI Ethics 

Wednesday 08 November 2023

10:00 EST

15:00 BST

16:00 CET



The Mobile Century  is a publication of the GTWN (Global Telecom Women’s Network)

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