16 February 2022, London/Cologne: The GTWN (Global Telecom Women’s Network) has announced today that their new Global President will be Keri Gilder, CEO Colt Technology Services and World Communications Award’s 2021 CEO of the Year.

The GTWN, which will celebrate their 30th Anniversary this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, has been instrumental in “Changing the Culture of Communications… from Generation to Generation”. Already in 1992, the GTWN members were thought leaders, sought out by TMT/ICT CEO’s around the world for their innovative, inclusive approach to informing and impacting the industry. This has continued throughout the years and the GTWN has inspired, led, and enabled game-changing trends throughout the entire industry around the world.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Keri’s talents and transformational skills as our next GTWN Global President. It takes real leadership to move mountains and Keri has demonstrated repeatedly that she is a true leader”, commented GTWN’s Global President Bridget Cosgrave. “We could not have found anyone better than Keri to respect the values and culture that the GTWN has espoused over our 30 year existence and to carry the flame forward for the next generation,” said GTWN’s Founding President Candace Johnson.

“I am honoured to be selected as the next GTWN President. In line with our vision of changing the culture of communications from generation to generation, I will embrace the privilege of this position to enable GenZ to become the next generation of leaders along with their special blend of resiliency and humanity in the workplace,” remarked the new GTWN Global President, Keri Gilder. “I will help create, launch and leverage social media channels and other video content to improve GTWN visibility and impact around the globe. Most importantly, I will enable the GTWN to take a stand for excellence as role models in our industry and the digital society by unlocking the power and potential of girls and young women”.